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My purpose is to provide you with the insight, inspiration, and instruction TO LIVE YOUR MOST POWERFUL LIFE. I want to help you emphatically answer these 3 questions:

1-  What is my purpose in life?

2- How do I get unstuck?

3- How can I make more of an impact?


I struggled with all three of these questions myself before I started to figure them out. It wasn’t even that “I” figured them out—it was only after a dramatic spiritual calling that I began to see my life with any clarity at all.

I believe that as human beings we at one point or another find ourselves trapped inside the proverbial Box. As a blogger about spirituality and self-improvement, I like to think I help people not only think outside of that Box but learn how to live outside of it.

My blog is designed to help you find your way out of that Box and learn to live your life with clarity and conviction. Consider it Self-Improvement with a splash of Spirituality.

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